When I was a kid I got my hair cut by specific barbers every two weeks. In high school my buddies would come over to my home where I cut their hair and I started to learn my trade. I cut hair in college where my passion really grew. While cultivating great relationships, and hearing the stories of the lives of the people I would work on, I knew from that point on that being a barber wasn’t just a trade but an art and a form of knowing people. Today I am an established business owner, who with his team, wants to provide the best experience we can in an amazing atmosphere. We want our clients to feel that that can come to us knowing we will make them look their best, feel their best, and relax knowing they are getting taken care of by someone who appreciates each of them!


For all clients, there is a 15 minutes grace period for being late. Clients booking appointments who fail to show up or surpass the 15 minute grace period must pay for 50% of the service, unless cancelled within 3 hours or call within 1 hour if running late. If a client shows up after the grace period and their barber/stylist is not able to do a full service haircut before their next appointment, we have the right to change your service to a clean up so that the barber/stylist is on time for their next appointment. We understand that our clients have strict schedules, and to maintain our high standard of professionalism, we will do our best to abide by our appointment times for ensured quality experience.