Our goal is to provide services which we believe to be extremely important and fitting for the image of a well groomed gentleman. While striving for lifelong clients, we cater to your specific needs when it comes to your appearance. Your happiness and higher level of self confidence the moment you leave our doors is our highest priority, so we hope that you indulge in each of our services as we strive to enhance your image.


Haircut $50
Line-up / Clean-up $20
Luxury Hot Towel Head Shave $60
Luxury Hot Towel Face Shave $45
Eyebrow thread $20
Eyebrow wax $20
Black Mask Facial and Massage $50
Shoe Shine$5
Express Manicure $20
Deluxe Manicure $45
Deep Tissue Arm Massage (20 Minutes) $30
Gray Blending $35

Gentleman’s Essential Groom $120
Luxury Face Shave or Black Mask Facial & Massage
Express Manicure

Gentleman’s Full Groom $165
Luxury Face Shave
Black Mask Facial & Massage
Express Manicure


For all clients, there is a 15 minutes grace period for being late. Clients booking appointments who fail to show up or surpass the 15 minute grace period must pay for 50% of the service, unless cancelled within 3 hours or call within 1 hour if running late. If a client shows up after the grace period and their barber/stylist is not able to do a full service haircut before their next appointment, we have the right to change your service to a clean up so that the barber/stylist is on time for their next appointment. We understand that our clients have strict schedules, and to maintain our high standard of professionalism, we will do our best to abide by our appointment times for ensured quality experience.